Data Sources

Through our partnerships with Transport for London (TfL) and Addison Lee, the STANDARD project has access to a range of data collected on London's road network, including:

The London Congestion Analysis Project (LCAP)

LCAP is a system of automatic number plate recogntion (ANPR) cameras, maintained by TfL, that monitors London's road network 24 hours a day. Link travel times of individual vehicles are recorded and aggregated at the 5 minute level, providing travel time information on all of London's major roads. Using this data, the STANDARD project aims to improve understanding of the spatio-temporal evolution of traffic congestion in cities, with the aim of forecasting its spread. Our work with the LCAP data covers these main themes:

  • Spatio-temporal autcorrelation analysis of link travel times
  • Analysis of travel time distributions
  • Space-time scan statistics for detection of non-recurrent congestion
  • Forecasting of travel times using statistical and machine learning algorithms
  • 3D visualisation

The LCAP Network (ITN network is Crown Copyright, 2012)

GPS traces of Addison Lee taxi cabs

Courtesy of London taxi firm Addison Lee, the STANDARD project has access to approximately 700,000 GPS traces of taxi journeys in London, collected between December 2010 and February 2011. Using these data, we can examine the routes that taxi drivers choose when navigating between origins and destinations in the city. This data can be used to:

  • Analyse the cognitive apsects of route choice
  • Analyse how drivers modify their behaviour in response to non-recurrent congestion
  • Inform the development simulation models

Taxi flows (Darker colour is higher flow)

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