STANDARD Project Team

Mr. Ed Manley
EngD Candidate

Simulation of non-recurrent urban road congestion

This project seeks to simulate the network response to non-recurrent road congestion. Non-recurrent congestion arises from unexpected incidents on the road network. These fall outside of the ‘normal’ conditions, and necessitate individuals to take action to evade the problem. The resulting network pattern is a product of individual decisions regarding their route choice. Existing modelling approaches do not adequately replicate the behaviour of the network in these situations. Most assume perfect network knowledge in addition to a user desire to always take the shortest path, and all individuals are modelled in a homogeneous fashion. These models assume an equilibrium will be established across the network, where no single driver can improve their journey time by switching route. And indeed, in normal conditions, when a system is given time to stabilise, an equilibrium will be observed. However, such assumptions do not represent the uncertainty and dynamicity of a system where an unexpected event has taken place.The aim of this project is to develop a method of modelling such scenarios. The approach is to build the system picture from the bottom up. By modelling individual responses to the event, a global picture of the new network state can be formed, without the assumptions of equilibrium and homogeneity.


Principal Investigator
Dr. Tao Cheng

Prof. Benjamin Heydecker

Research Fellows
Dr. Ioannis Tsapakis
Dr. Jiaqiu Wang

Research Students
Mr. Berk Anbaroglu
Mr. James Haworth
Mr. Ed Manley
Ms. Garavig Tanaksaranond

Industrial Partners at TfL
Mr. Andy Emmonds
Mr. Jonathan Turner
Mr. Alexandre Santacreu

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