STANDARD Project Team

Dr. Ioannis Tsapakis
Research Fellow

Impact Analysis on Journey Speeds in the Greater London Area

The purpose of this study is to identify factors that affect journey speeds in the Greater London area. This is undoubtedly a broad topic with many aspects, intertwined with several non-transportation-related fields. Based on past research findings and considering the quality of the available data, the study will mainly examine the impact of a series of variables that may include: a) different intensities of precipitation and snow, b) incidents, c) work zones, d) special events and breakdowns, e) temporal factors within a day such as time-of-day and/or period-of-day, f) temporal factors within a year, such as season, month, term, or other period, g) other traffic-related variables, such as traffic composition, and h) other non-transportation-related variables. The analysis will mainly consist of: a) a preliminary graphical and statistical investigation of the variables that will uncover their relationships and potential hidden interactions, and; b) the development of multiple linear regression models using the stepwise variable-selection method.


Principal Investigator
Dr. Tao Cheng

Prof. Benjamin Heydecker

Research Fellows
Dr. Ioannis Tsapakis
Dr. Jiaqiu Wang

Research Students
Mr. Berk Anbaroglu
Mr. James Haworth
Mr. Ed Manley
Ms. Garavig Tanaksaranond

Industrial Partners at TfL
Mr. Andy Emmonds
Mr. Jonathan Turner
Mr. Alexandre Santacreu

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