STANDARD Project Team

Dr. Tao Cheng
Principal Investigator

Tao Cheng's background is in spatial information science, from the acquisition, management and modelling to application of spatial data. She has studied and lectured in China, the Netherlands, Hong Kong, France and the UK, and her PhD thesis on Geographical Information Systems (GIS) was entitled A Process-Oriented Data Model for Fuzzy Spatial Objects. Her HDR thesis, Multi-Scale Spatio-Temporal Data Analysis, Modelling and Reasoning, led to qualification as a PhD supervisor in the University of Strasbourg. The thesis summarises the contributions Tao has made to the advance of GIS science, under the themes of spatial-temporal modelling, analysis and visualisation, uncertainty and quality of geographic information, and spatio-temporal data mining and knowledge discovery. She has over 80 publications and she received The U. V. Helava Award for the Best Paper in the ISPRS Journal of Phogrammetry and Remote Sensing in the year 2000. Tao is the departmental MSc research project Coordinator and Equal Opportunity Liaison Officer. She is also a guest professor of Wuhan University and of the Institute of Remote Sensing Applications, Chinese Academy of Science.


Principal Investigator
Dr. Tao Cheng

Prof. Benjamin Heydecker

Research Fellows
Dr. Ioannis Tsapakis
Dr. Jiaqiu Wang

Research Students
Mr. Berk Anbaroglu
Mr. James Haworth
Mr. Ed Manley
Ms. Garavig Tanaksaranond

Industrial Partners at TfL
Mr. Andy Emmonds
Mr. Jonathan Turner
Mr. Alexandre Santacreu

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